Feature request: notifications for web traffic anomalies

Of course over the holiday weekend when I am not paying attention there is a huge spike in unique visitors on one of my Pantheon-hosted websites. The source of this traffic seems to be some malicious actor using an Alibaba domain out of Hong Kong (based on IP address). Usually I keep an eye on this sort of thing because we’ve been at risk of going over our basic hosting bandwidth limit in the past.

It would be really nice if there was a way to set – or if by default Pantheon provided – automated email notifications of anomalies in the number of unique visitors or page views so that site owners know they need to review logs and (if necessary) take action to block unwanted traffic.

Hey Aaron!

Thanks for jumping in here to share & provide feedback. I believe this is already on our team’s radar (product feedback submitted previously) but I will certainly confirm and of coursse leave a comment on the open JIRA ticket if it exists.

Keep the feedback coming & thanks for your patience here! :slight_smile: